Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Blogging for Money - A Narrative


Today we are talking about blogging and how extremely difficult it is to make money from blogging. We have had over 10,000 hits on all of our blogs combined and it's only earned us $16.00. See Photo from our Google Adsense Account (Every single claim on this site will be supported). Our other source of income is from of which we have earned a total of zero dollars. No need to show a photo of the $0.00 total.

Sot the questions that need to be answered are:

1. How do we drive more traffic to our blogs

2. How do we get people to click on adsense and Amazon ads

3. How do we get the cool little nifty icons for twitter, facebook etc at the end of our posts.

To answer these questions we turned to the internet (of course). The first thing that pops up is

Since it's first in Google we figure this guy must know what he's talking about right? He gives 21 tips for increasing blog traffic. Great. 3 Freakin' blogs times 21 things means we have 63 tasks!

Ok nothing to it, but to do it. We will do all 21 of these things for all three sites and see if that increases our traffic. One thing that has already worked already is using Link Referral.

This is a site where you visit and review sites and in return people review and visit your site. A little better then a traffic exchange because the reviews actaully encourage people to stop and visit. We have been working hard to get our sites ranked higher and higher every day. Here s what our screen shots look like for the three blogs we are running:

p>Here is the link to join Link Referral. It's totatlly free:

OK, now the first 3 of the 21 are super easy and consider them done. Here they are:

1. Choose the Right Blog Software (or Custom Build)
2. Host Your Blog Directly on Your Domain
3. Write Title Tags with Two Audiences in Mind

So steps 1 and 2 are easy because we are blogger blogers and that's not going to change. We looked at Wordpress and we are not creating a blog from scratch. So that's 2 steps down, and one to go (for this post at least). Step 3 - Will do. I've changed this title to a short stragiht to the point title, and will create titles for the other two sites with these tips in mind.

Ok, that's enough for today, we have real jobs to finish.

-The FTB Blog Team


  1. Blogging for money is not the cakewalk that people would like you to think - there is more to making $$$ besides just posting articles and putting up ads, you also have to engage in some marketing. Typically, a blog on blogging is not a good adsense converter - don't know what your other two are on.

    Blogger is a good platform to cut your IM teeth on - but eventually you will want to move over to Wordpress - you don't have to build the whole thing from scratch, there are templates and when you so choose, there are for fee option too.

    Now ...........10,000 for three combined blogs is not too shabby (don't know how long you've had your blogs up for) - especially if they are new.

    When I started my blog on blogging, I found that even though I had taken courses on internet marketing, actually implementing etc. was an exercise of a different sort ... there were lots of holes, I made mistakes, learned from them, and now after a whole year it seems to be making headway, albeit no runaway overnight sharp incline - results are still incrmental.

    Wishing you success in your endeavor .........


  2. Hey Valentina!

    Thanks for the very insightful comment, which is a rare occasion these days. We have visited your website and WE LOVE IT!! You have tons of useful information, so much that we couldn't stay put and kept scrolling. We are going to add a link to your site and will visit weekly. We have heard that Wordpress is the place to be so we are thinking about. Thanks again for the tips!! Good Luck in the future but it looks like you already made your own luck.