Saturday, April 30, 2011

Facebook PPC - The One Cent Clicks

First off I will have a full download section with specific areas referral links etc. I will try and treat this blog as a journal because if I try and make it to fancy, it will be a pain in the ass to update.

That's the last thing I need is something else to do that's a pain in the ass. I'm still trying to figure out what the best way is to offer content to the readers. Of course it's a gateway locker, but I don't want people to have to unlock crap every single time. That sucks!

However is a nice alternative and the surveys are easy to complete for your download. A lot of people say the money that you can make with Sharecash would be 10X with Adsendmedia. I like Sharecash, because you can set up how to complete the survey, before they have to actually do it. (I will explain how I do it later).

With facebook PPC I have been trying a ton of methods, some were really paying off, and others lost money right away. So far I have spent about $650 and made about $800 over various CPA networks.

Here is the total of what I've done so far:

I haven't had any issues with getting my ads approved, other then it take long sometimes. I create a landing page for the offers and Facebook mods seemed to really like that.

BTW: I'm promoting mostly CPA offers with a few Clickbank products. I just don't think people are on Facebook trying to buy things. Free offers are the best.

There has been two ways I have gotten cheap clicks:
1. Get the viewing audience up to 27 million!
2. Get the viewing audience really really tight to a specific nich.

They haven't been .01 but they have been pretty close. The last 7 days of the first offer on the list is down to about .04 cents. If you are running a CPA offer that pays out $1.30 you have 32 clicks for someone fill it out to break even.

That sounds like a lot, but it's not!! Look at the network EPC and use one that is high so you are covered. It will actually tell you what the EPC is for that offer. You should be paying lower then that for clicks. (Don't forget you lose some on the landing page!!)

Today I just changed some ads that were performing well, but not cheap enough to CPM (Cost per 1000). I am waiting for those to get approved, then we will see how much luck I have with that.
CPA - Cost Per Action - Download Newbie Guide
Facebook PPC - How to Video Series

Friday, April 29, 2011

I'm Back and Smarter

Hi Everyone, I'm back. I have learned a lot. It's been close to a year since my last post and with good reason. I thought this would all be a lot easier, but it's not.

The good news is that I'm still in it, and I'm earning money. There really is no good way to walk through everything that I've learned so I will post it as I update things. I will try and update this, in a candid conversational way. I will also offer downloads to things that I find on the internet for free. There are tons of programs that rip people off that I get for free, that I will share.

I will share as long as I can, until someone tells me not to. It will be locked behind a content locker - it's only fair. :)

The key to following this blog will be the Tags. Use the tags to read about methods that I am using, I will use them as effectively as possible when posting information. This will be a win-win.

I will be as transparent as possible. The reason being, it's a lot of hardwork that most people will not be willing to put in, so I'm not worried about the competition. Matter of fact - Bring it on!!

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Crazy for On-line Money - The $5 Deal

Contributing to this blog has come a lot easier now that I have realized that everyone is possibly struggling with the same s@#t that I am, trying to make money online. When you read all the reports everything is the same, over and over. It makes everything sound as easy as 1, 2, 3. If it was that easy, then everyone who set up a blog would be rich. It's tough work; that’s why Shoemoney can charge $497 for his program. At first I thought the ad said a $497 value. I was expecting to see a price of $19.99. NO! That s#$t is $497, homie!

Lesson number one of any program should tell you that in order to be successful at this online money game, you kinda, sorta, have to like doing this. Even if your goal is only to make money, you still have to like doing this, and being a little crazy helps. Why? Because for some period of time you will be blogging for 16 hits a week and 5 of those will be from you getting your post of the week format just right. Your Google Adsense totals for the month will be like $.08. Nowhere does anyone ever tell you it’s going to be this hard, but if you like it, then you don’t really care. If that $.08 was $.04 last month, then you have just doubled your money. So there are a lot of things that I’m learning and rather then share the successes I will just share everything.

One thing that I wouldn’t call a success but I would call an obsess. No, not an obsession but just something that is cool and has been helpful. It’s a site that you can use to get things done for $5.00. There are literally thousands of things that people will do for you for $5.00. When you are looking through all of the things you are amazed. "How can someone create a logo for my company for only $5.00!!!" "A banner for my blog for $5.00!!!" Then you realize that some of these people are all over the world. So $5.00 in NYC is not the same as $5.00 in India. If you are trying to get your promotion on then I advise seeing what fiverr has to offer. Skip your Starbucks (I know everyone uses that reference, but it’s sooo true).
For just $5.00 I got this Youtube video done for one of my CPA Lead Sites. This video, script read, exactly how I wanted delivered in a wmv file for only $5.00. Check it out.

Here is all the stuff I’ve ordered so far. I skipped a lot of coffees!!

Tips for ordering from
1. For any order there is no reason to choose someone who doesn’t have a positive feedback rating. There are enough people doing the same things, to find one that is highly rated.

2. If the task is something that an example can be provided for, then an example should be there. It only makes since.

3. Paying for someone to tweet you message is not that effective – work on getting your own Tweeps (Twitter talk for Peeps).

4. Getting 8,500 people to your facebook page – is worth it.

Good luck, I would love to hear about your personal experiences.

-An FTB Blogger
An FTB Blogger Blog

Friday, August 6, 2010

A few changes, it's not all about money....well maybe not

As you can see, I think I have been going about this blog all wrong. Content and user interaction is key, without that you are just like every other blog.

I cleaned up the format, removing all the stupid ads on both sides. My original plan was, more ads, more clicks more money. Well there were no clicks, and it was just cluttering up my blog, and readers were not happy! So I removed the 3 column format and widened the content and will only run small ads to programs that I am actually using, and websites that I own.

I wanted to move to Wordpress but I have a bunch of backlinks and stuff still tied to this url, but I would like to give a bit of advice. Wordpress, using your own hosting service is the way you should start. Blogger is great if you don't plan to do more then just blog, but the amount of plugins that Wordpress offers, just can't be beat. If you plan to use CPA Lead, then go to Wordpress right away, they even have a plug-in!

This blog because of it's content gets the most traffic (so far) out of any of the others, so I want to keep the traffic coming.

In the future posts will be much more frequent, informational with more details. I literally do hours of work per night, and that work is not shared with my readers; now that's going to change.

Please continue to come back and comment and interact, and I will start posting much more frequently.

1. Try to work on the format to attract more sweepstakers
2. Post more content in
3. Post more content in
4. Post more content in
5. Get new items listed on Ebay
6. Do SEO work on all sites.

The great part is there is no new site development. This is the first weekend that I am not creating a new site, but instead just working on promoting and developing existing ones, there is a big difference in time savings - believe me!

I hope you like the new format, and the commitment to readership (is that a word?).

There's money to be made.
-FTB Bloggers
An FTB Blogger Blog

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Using Twitter - How 2 Get 2000 Followers in 1 Week!

So I have been just compiling and creating websites with CPA Lead. I can’t get enough of the interface and the earning potential.

The problem that we all face is, “what good is a website if you can’t promote it”. I read recently that Kim Kardashain gets $20,000 for posting stuff on her twitter account.
So I figured I would start using Twitter as a promotion tool and the results have been somewhat positive. Here is what I’ve learned so far:


This is the method:
1. Go to

2. Find lists that say something like follow back, here are some of the good lists:

3. You will need to authorize twitter to use this website.

4. Wait till it follows everyone.

Don’t follow lists that have people in that don’t follow back.
There is a limit about 1000 people you can follow per day. Something like that.
Also you will get back more followers than the number of people you will follow.
Just know that everybody doesn’t follow right after you follow them so it might take some time.
You can easily get up to 1k followers per day with this method.

You must maintain a Followers to Following ratio of around 85% so after you follow each list, wait for the followbacks to come In before trying to follow the next list. You are now on these lists so you will continue to receive more followers everyday. Follow them back, so you maintain the integrity of the list.

Then I go to
I schedule to have my twitter messages advertising my blogs, and CPA lead sites every few hours.
People can see that the tweets are from future tweets, but the message still get out there.

Now I’m sure there are better, quicker, faster ways, and would love for some feedback, but for now this is what I did and it appears to be working.

More to come.
-The FTB Bloggers!!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Hands down CPA Lead is my biggest money earner because of all the possibilities that it brings. There is no doubt that you will have to have more then one site to really make any money but one of my lazier (no interaction needed sites) is this one here.

You can at least get a good idea how it works and then hopefully come up with some good uses for the interface. As I learn more I will display a bunch of URL's I have been using in conjunction with the software, not to mention it's sick fun!

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