Friday, August 6, 2010

A few changes, it's not all about money....well maybe not

As you can see, I think I have been going about this blog all wrong. Content and user interaction is key, without that you are just like every other blog.

I cleaned up the format, removing all the stupid ads on both sides. My original plan was, more ads, more clicks more money. Well there were no clicks, and it was just cluttering up my blog, and readers were not happy! So I removed the 3 column format and widened the content and will only run small ads to programs that I am actually using, and websites that I own.

I wanted to move to Wordpress but I have a bunch of backlinks and stuff still tied to this url, but I would like to give a bit of advice. Wordpress, using your own hosting service is the way you should start. Blogger is great if you don't plan to do more then just blog, but the amount of plugins that Wordpress offers, just can't be beat. If you plan to use CPA Lead, then go to Wordpress right away, they even have a plug-in!

This blog because of it's content gets the most traffic (so far) out of any of the others, so I want to keep the traffic coming.

In the future posts will be much more frequent, informational with more details. I literally do hours of work per night, and that work is not shared with my readers; now that's going to change.

Please continue to come back and comment and interact, and I will start posting much more frequently.

1. Try to work on the format to attract more sweepstakers
2. Post more content in
3. Post more content in
4. Post more content in
5. Get new items listed on Ebay
6. Do SEO work on all sites.

The great part is there is no new site development. This is the first weekend that I am not creating a new site, but instead just working on promoting and developing existing ones, there is a big difference in time savings - believe me!

I hope you like the new format, and the commitment to readership (is that a word?).

There's money to be made.
-FTB Bloggers
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  1. You seem to have the formula correct. Traffic and a solid following then integrate marketing tools. When your Google followers start to increase then you know you are making progress. The new layout looks very clean and uncluttered. You content is extremely solid, with persistence you should do well with this blog.
    Dave D.

  2. Big difference! Nicely done, much more spacious layout.

  3. Thanks Dave, I think persistence is key, especially when you are trying to gain readers, Thaks for the comments!!