Friday, January 22, 2010

MLM Programs we will be working...we think.

Here are the programs that we are going to work:
CashCrate - Because it takes $0.00. We will take Cashcrate and earn enough for Keys 2 Cash and then earn enough to invest in Traffic

1. CashCrate $0.0
2. Keys 2 Cash $25 One Time
3. Traffic Wave (TEProfit) $17.95 monhtly until you get 3 referrals

If we try and tackle too many programs... then we will be hurting ourselves. It's like trying to open too many business. We will try and record each step of how we promote these businesses and what the results are. We already have accounts set up in all three, but we were looking for new opportunities before we continue to work these.

We will try and do 1hr of work in affiliate marketing per weekday and 2hrs. on the weekends. This does not inlcude work done updating this blog.

If you have a solid opportunity that you are succesful with then we will be more then happy to join, promote and give a detailed narrative of what's working and what's not.

OK here we go! This should be fun.

The first step is to log into TEProfit and read all the material....and there is a ton. If we don't read what we are doing then how can we tell our audience. That's what I call a fun Friday Night!!

-The FTB Blog Team

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