Friday, January 22, 2010


The third leg of building our multi-million dollar empire online is MLM or affiliate marketing. We think there is potential here, but in order to tap into this potential you need to develop a loyal following and have a great product. We have been working with Traffic Wave for a little while but before we start down that path again…we figured we need to take a deeper look to see if they truly do have the best program.

I have literally been searching through 100’s of opportunity’s online and they all just flat out suck. They either all sound....
the same, or make claims that are just ridiculous. If you are telling me I can make $5000 in one month then you have just pushed me away.

"How I Generated OVER $3,500.00 In Under 10
Days With A Simple 30+ Page Report!"


You are a liar and I have no interest of being a part of your bogus program. Then there are tons of blogs, claiming to be like ours, but not! Not by a long shot. They are just cookie cutting the same crap & crappy articles over and over. It looks like they have fresh postings but they don’t. They just copy and paste the html code into a new date so that it looks like they are keeping their blog current. That’s not how we roll. We roll with fresh insight and good information from first hand experience. IF we lose money then we say we lost money. If we make $10 or $100 you will know that as well.

Our blog is a journey. We want it to be a chronological depiction of how it takes to go from $0.00 to $1,000,000.00. WE have personalities, passion and flare. We will not fall into the trap of lying to our readers to capture them in our MLM schemes because then they simply will not come back!!! Come-on, you know that as well as I do. We are not in a race to see how many dummies we can get hooked, we are trying to make a million and to do that what we don’t need are dummies.
If you have any real….real….affiliate programs leave a comment because we will be doing tons of research this weekend, and going full steam ahead with the best looking opportunities.

Being great is a decision…and we have our minds already made up.
-The FTB Blog Team


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  1. I have to add one more thing...if you ever see a picture of a freakin Ferrari and a mansion, you will see us in the same picture!!! And we will be holidng a picture of our blogs in our freakin' hands. Geeeesh!!