Thursday, January 28, 2010


....and THE WINNER IS TEP (Traffic Exchange Profits) Ok, we are done selecting our programs. This is huge because we have to believe in what we are doing otherwise this blog becomes just like the others...a waste of space!

We have ruled out Cashcrate, because it takes too long to earn your $10.00, (which would have me earn my $3.00). I shouldn't say too long but there is too much bull$#it involved in earning only $.50. Clicking this, clicking that. It's not as straightforward as it appears, so we're out.

The challenge we face in Affiliate marketing is finding a program and product that is not going to kill your pockets trying to get it started. If I'm looking to make money, I'm not going to spend $294 for some crazy affiliate program that is going to give you the exact same support as Traffic Exchange Profits!

Traffic Exchange Profits
We have done a lot of research and TEP is legit and out of pocket expenses are under $20 bucks. What TEP does is sells an ad space and then an autoresponder and has you promote the Autoresponder on Traffic Exchanges. This blog is not trying to sell you into this program more then tell you what we are doing and how successful it is.

We are going to take this slow - although we have already done steps 0 thru 4 ourselves....and have earned a total of $14.43 in Traffic Exhange upgrades!

In order for Traffic Exchange Profits to work it helps if you have a business, and they sell you a business for $5.00! This is where Online Business Alliance comes in. OBA basically sells you the exclusive rights to sell a bunch of e-books online. Yep! So for $5 bucks I got myself not only a copy of the books for myself, but I can resell all many times as I want and keep the money for myself. How sick is that....and it's legit.

This is a good place to stop. Peep OBA, and let us know what you think. We are labeling this as Step 0, and now I'm going to read some of my free E-books.

We'll see you at the top.
-The FTB Blog Team

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