Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Wow! We continue to make a killing on Ebay but we think collectively thta affiliate marketing is where we will make the long term streams of income, so here we are with Steps 1-4.

These steps basically consists of setting up your Traffic Wave Autoresponder. I have to say it’s pretty sweet. What this thing really does, is delivers a series of emails to someone on your email list at given time intervals that you set up yourself. It’s like when you put your name and address into a website and they send you free information. Then every so often you get follow up emails. Now YOU are that person. You can get people to put their name in your info box, or “capture” page and they will receive the emails that you load in the Autoresponder.

The best part of Traffic Wave is that they give you a gang of letters to load right of the bat! These letters will sell your Traffic Wave business.

Steps 1-4 are actually spelled out in detail through the TEP back office.

Anyone that tells you that this doesn’t take time is lying! Depending on how computer savvy you are, it will take you.....about 1-3 hours to set up. The good part is that it isn’t hard at all. The instruction material is easy to read and follow, and it’s easy to check your results by signing up yourself in the auotresponder and checking to see if you receive emails. Not to mention my up-line mentor is the best. This guy knows the ends and outs of this Traffic Wave business! (Mike the Mentor)

Along with the money that we are calculating we have also started to keep track of time put in. So far last week setting up our Autoresponder and Traffichoopla accounts we put in about 3 hours. Then we put in about 2 hrs. surfing on traffic exchanges. We will get more into that as we go on, but the searching actually earns you credits, which you use to advertise your OBA business, your TEP Business, and your Traffic Wave business. It all comes together pretty sweet.

We have more studying to do, to really learn how to earn. There is a ton of information in Traffic Wave that we have not read yet, so we will read through it so we can be knowledgeable for people who sign up under us.

Phew!! All this work….we are sure it will pay off. When have you ever worked hard, and not got back what you deserved? ?

-The FTB Blog Team

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