Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dear Online Money Diary Day 22...

Updated for Feb. 20, 2010

Ok day 22 of the blog and day 60 of traffic wave and we got paid.
Yeah it's only $16.95, but that $16.95 is for ever. So we can stop RIGHT NOW, and still get our $16.95 per month. Now we need that $16.95 to be hundreds. I can just imagine...if we got that to $400 that would be like a car payment and insurance. That would be great!! And it's a lot less work, so far, then ebay. But ebay is still good money!! ($256 to date).

So here is how we are spending our time between the three of money making endeavors:

We are using Traffic Hoopla to advertise our pages on Traffic Exchanges. We do this about 1 hr. per day. How do traffic exchanges work:
A Traffic Exchange program allows its members to surf on programs for a specific time frame ranging from 10 to about 40 seconds. During this short surfing session, the viewer has to click a button of a number, picture or any other item as specified by the program before another site can be visited.

Honestly it's boring as hell. You see the same pages over and over, but occasionally you see something new. The most important thing is... that you are earning credits. You have to do it, you have to. I think this is the point where people fail. They surf on the exchanges for a week, see no result and quit. You have to do it relentlessly - So far we are getting about 1 Free Trial Signup per week. It seems like a super low return, but the conversion rate is very high.

That is about 5 hours per week. The other two hours we spend just tooling around on the internet reading Traffic Wave forums, chat rooms etc. We are trying to learn as much about MLM as we can.

EBAY: 15 hours / week
We are spending by far, the most time on Ebay. The tasks have to happen in a time critical fashion. Items HAVE to ship quickly, emails HAVE to go out daily and questions have to be answered. This is not a business for anybody. Customers are pissed and you have to address them emotion-less. This is a real business, a difficult business; something that takes patience time and some people skills. A negative feedback can be devastating so you are always protecting against that. It sucks becaus there is no retaliation to a negative feedback. The seller is powerless so you go into every sale with the mindset of "Pleasing the Customer".

BLOGGING: 4 hours / week
We are spending only a few hours per week but we are making next to nothing. This is more of a hobbie then a business. We know blogs make tons of money but we have been so busy with everything else that we haven't had time to finish promoting so bascially we just keep posting because we love it! When other things are working better, then we will push on promotion.

Remember all of our posts are original content.

Read our blogs, join our MLM Programs, and visit our Ebay store!
-The FTB Blog Team

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  1. I have to say that this Blog is living up to it's promise as an honest place. Honesty goes a long way in this business so I joined under you in both Traffic Wave and Key 2 Cash. I haven't been too succesful but I will post here when I am.

    Big Rod