Monday, February 22, 2010

Dear Online Money Diary Day 35......

22FEB2010 - ONLINE TOTAL = $406.84

Ok, so another week has gone by and really we learned a few things:

1. SURFING ON TRAFFIC EXCHANGS SUCK! SUCK SUCK! But it has to be done for now.

2. WE ARE KILLING IT ON EBAY!! WE made another $135.32 of profit!!

3. We added another program – but one with absolutely NO INVESTMENT EVER!!!! How can you go wrong??

4. We need a community of people for success.

A community is numero uno. With a community you can get people who all believe in what you are trying to do an support you. The super cool thing about Traffic Wave is that there is spillover. We can only sign up so many people then it starts spilling over to those who signed up under us. How sweet is that.

Then with different Traffic Exchange programs you actually have rotators. So I can take three banners from my downline and rotate them so they get free sign ups. It benefits me because we all make money. For instance I already have 3 signups under me in Traffic Hoopla so if.... I am getting more traffic then someone who just started, but their success is my success so I will pop them into my rotator so they are exposed to my Traffic as well.

Then community members can share what is working, what’s not working and so forth. I figured Facebook would be the best place to try and build. Right now I’m only a fan with myself, but I’m sure other people will join.

This whole entire internet marketing is about making connection, meeting people and making money. No that sounds like a fun job!!!

We are thinking about using some of our Ebay money to join a program that costs money or to promote our existing programs. We are still decidind. WE are also going to start running ads on craigslist and other free sites like that to see if we can get people signing up for Power Bar. It’s freeeeee dammit.

I can’t believe people aren’t jumping all over it.

OK, make us a fan on facebook and let’s share some money making stuff.
-The FTB Blog Company.

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  1. Hey there,

    Just happened to stop by your blog and I'm loving the idea of it. I want to wish you all the best in your online success.. hope you make that mil soon!

    I'm also into earning and I'm doing okay myself too..

    TriNi @ Make Money Online Free

  2. Hey triNI,
    Thanks for the kind words. We visited your blogs and see you are doing your thing as well! We added your main blog to our Blog Roll. Keep up the good work.