Sunday, February 28, 2010

Power Bar Club - Not Worth Our Time

Well Well Well, Here is a wrap up of our last week.

Ebay sales were down dramatically, which happens. I used to start worrying, and lowering prices to get a sale or two but now I've learned to just go with the flow and weather the storm. Everything sales eventually.

...but that's not what we want to talk about. We want to talk about The PowerBar Club. We thought this was the Cat's Ass. Why? Well because it takes $0.00 investment. How can you lose when a system doesn't cost you anything.

Well I can tell you, you can lose time. Powerbar Club would like you to download their bar and click on ads. Then get 5 friends to do the same thing. Sound familiar? Yep, it like clixsense and all the other PPC sites. The problem with that is, you sign people up, they click for a few days and see their earnings grow to a whopping $.25. Then they stop clicking and you have to keep recruiting to earn anything. Even the best of the best recruiters only earn chump change.

We can't recommend a program that I already know SUCKS!!! We did some research and actually found a lady who recruited 700 members under her. 700!! She only earned $50 in 3 months. The ads pay $.003, they keep promising $.10 ads but you burn up your recruits while waiting for the big money ads. Once we read $50 from 700 recruits, we were out!! We have concluded that any program that makes you money, is going to require some start up cost, or a good product or both. TEP Profit is still the best of the best. It uses Traffic Wave, which has a forced matrix and tons of support. We've recruited only 2 people and I'm making a steady $16.95 per month, thanks to my upline filling in my empty spots. If you sign under me, and I keep recruiting you will get my recruits because my spots are filled.

So Powerbar Club is dead....but we do need another program. If you have any suggestions please contact us by either emailing us at: or leaving a comment. We don't mind spending enrollment fees for a solid program. If it's not solid however....we will let the world know.

....and the saga continues!!


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-The FTB Bloggers


  1. I'm not sure how you can make such a decision about Power bar club. I think your opnion is bringing much harm to this program, you should at least try it before making such decisions. If you have questions on the program please ask me.

  2. Hmmmm,

    I don't see the logic with your present position regarding the PBC.

    #1. It didn't cost you any money, just time.

    #2. I assume you do have some downline if you did give this some effort.

    #3. Why bash it, why not just let it go on autopilot and see what transpires when the ad exchange does go live?

    You know, someone recruited by your downline who was a real go getter could potentially put 1000s+ on your team making you money with no effort or time involved from you.

    Doesn't make any sense to bash something that still does have the potential to earn you some substantial income.

    I've 8000+ on my team and will continue to help my team.

    By tossing in the towel before the 10 cent ads go live you are leaving yourself vulnerable to the possibility of kicking yourself in the behind if this does prove to have the potential we all hope it does.

    You asked for any suggested programs etc. for you to consider? I'm not sure I would want someone on my team who is a quitter particularly with something that doesn't even cost anything.

    I wish you well.


  3. Hi There,

    I noticed your post on the Power Bar Club, unfortunately I have had the same experience that you mention.

    You asked about a solid program, well this launched today and will be good!

    Check it out and see if it meets with your criteria. Take care,



  4. Zacman,

    Thank you for the very comprehensive comment. We are trying to get more bang for our bucks (or time). Our downline is extensive but we try to only recommend programs that will really payout in larger sums. We have been following Power Bar club since November and still no 10 Cent ads as promised.

    The time we wasted is basically promoting on Traffic Exchanges and modifying our blogs to show ads, and posting on Free Classified pages. We take a somewhat active role in promoting.

    If we reccomneded this to our downline, then they would have been equally dissppointed and would stop using the program after seeing the $.003 ads and too many promises for the $.10 ads and the yet to be turned on widget. Then our word of a good program would be tainted.

    With a team of 8000 plus, you are obivously way more experienced then we are and we will look to you and your site for tips and pointers. We like programs like Traffic Wave that we are seeing a slow & steady $16.95 per month so far with the hopes of earning more.

    The goal is 1 recruit a month!!

    Thanks again for the input and we will be following you. With your permisson we would like to add your site in our blog Roll.

    -The FTB Bloggers

  5. Paul,
    We have reviewed your site and it appears to be very interesting....the low start up cost and money back guarantee are also compelling. We are seriously considering joining this program. We will make our decision in the next 24 hours . Thank you for suggestion.

    -The FTB Bloggers

  6. FTB Bloggers,

    You say you have an extensive downline, but that you cannot recommend Powerbar Club. By downline, I think Zacman meant your downline in the Powerbar Club, i.e. how many members you got signed up under you.

    My downline is not near as extensive as Zacman's, but I cannot see any semblance of reason to trash this program. As Zacman said, even if you decided to give up on it, why try to sabotage your own chances of getting a member on board who can generate a huge downline for you? I really do not understand it. If I were looking to give up on it, I would just stop promoting and let things happen on their own. Worst case, I get no more members and don't make any money.

    If my time was as valuable as you say yours is, I would surely not take up that valuable time writing a blog post that serves no purpose other than to ensure that any chance I had of making money on a program goes up in smoke.

  7. Hey Andy, I’m starting to see your point. When I say I have an extensive downline I am referring to a “Golden Email” list. There are only about 20 names on the list but they are 20 heavy hitters that will 100% join and promote any program that I give the green light to. From that perspective, if I green light the Powerbar club, my 20 powerhouses would not be very happy.

    To your valid point, it’s a free program so there isn’t anything to lose, but the part that is somewhat upsetting is that I am promoting a program that touts the fact that you can make $43,000 in 30 days. That is misleading. I would like you Andy, to come to this blogs, or my facebook page and say, “Oh Snap, the FTB Bloggers are in this program and they say it’s good” and then you know it’s good. We want to be the Billy Mays of MLM. If we say that you can make $43,000 in 30 days, we want you to somewhat believe it. Maybe you will not make $43,000 but you would at least make $100. No one has yet been able to tell me that they made $100 in 30 days from the Powerbarclub. That’s my point.

    So far with Traffic Wave and Ebay we have been able to back up 100% of every claim, and that is our intentions.

    Thanks for the input, we hope that you stick around with us, this is exactly the type of environment we would like to cultivate. Well spoken, intelligent people having civilized debates about our favorite topic – Money!!!

    FTB Bloggers!