Thursday, March 4, 2010


MARCH 03, 2010
Recruiting is slow, but we expect that as we build our brand and a name for ourselves in this space.

We’ve had some great debates regarding our assessment of the Power Bar Club. Again, I just don’t think that the bang is there for the buck. We want to build up a loyal readership and we want our word to count. Signing up for anything and everything just doesn’t make business since to us so we have to be extremely selective. These things are like business enterprises and there is a lot of time spent promoting, surfing posting ads etc, so I want to make sure we don’t’ recommend something that is going to waste any time.

We made our first spend on advertising. We paid into Traffic Hoopla for $19.99. For that we will get 5 guaranteed sign ups. We think that is money well spent. Each signup will theoretically join the 20 traffic exchange sites that you are signed up for. So essentially for $20 we get 100 referrals, 5 per each traffic exchange. That’s guaranteed – so we don’t even have to work for it. That’s like paying 20 Cents per referral. Each time that person surfs, we get surf credits! So we will be paying that $19.99 every single month for at least the next 4 months . That will be 400 Traffic Exchange Referrals. That’s Power!!!

The FTB Bloggers are turning into a powerful force so therefore we want to make sure that anything that we recommend is solid otherwise we will become watered down just like almost every other blog and program that claims to make money.

As our 3 blogs gain popularity we are finding the Link referral type banners at the top of each blog as pretty damn effective. So if you join TEP Profits under us, or TrafficWave under us, we will run a banner on all three of our sites for you, for 4 days. That banner will rotate every four days to someone one in our downline. We will mail out an excel file with your name on a list and notify you that when we are running your banner. Depending on how well we are doing with Traffic Hoopla we might also add the same page in our Traffic Exchange for 4 days.

If we sign you up and you don’t make money, then you quit. So we are here to help you get it started the best way we know how. We are now on Facebook as well where we can bang around ideas, etc.

We are really starting to get the hang of this stuff and we are loving every minute of it, not to mention meeting a lot of great people. We just need to make more money!!! We are a far cry from a million bucks!!!

As always we welcome the suggestion for any new programs. We like One time Entrance Fees, forced Matrixes, and Solid Products.

-The FTB Bloggers

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  1. Hey Guys,

    Regarding Traffic Hoopla, you can’t make your sums like that! While traffic Hoopla offers a service, you forget one crucial element, which is the “Human Factor” and in this game general apathy.

    My experience, on the 15th of January I purchased 10 guaranteed signups for $37.99,
    The 28th of January I had received all ten of my guaranteed signups in my Traffic Hoopla downline and was very impressed!!

    To date not one of them has signed up in any of my Traffic Exchange downlines, in essence I have ten folks who might decide to join under me in a Traffic Exchange through Traffic Hoopla. My feeling, I don’t think so!!

    Lesson learnt, money spent!! Take care,



  2. Hey Paul!
    lol...So far your comment has been right on the money. We have three of our sign ups and only 1 has signed up under 1 of the dozen exchanges. We are still optimistic, I think Traffic Hoopla is great for what it does I just hope my sign ups actually read and take a few minutes to understand. If they don't do that then it will be just like you said, lesson learnt, money spent! Either way we will post our updates!