Friday, March 12, 2010

EBAY UPDATE! A decent week in Earnings!!


Wow, It’s been a super busy week for all 3 of us super bloggers.
The screwed up part is that we haven’t had time to surf in our Traffic Exchange so we haven’t been able to get any referrals, or post any new blog posts.

The good part is, Ebay has picked up! We are leaving out last weeks profits in our ebay calculation because…..well because I didn’t log them into the sheet. Things got so hectic last week that I just barely had enough time to process my orders and get them out the door in the 24 hrs. that I promise!!

This week we grossed $330.48 and $75.37 of that was profit. Not too bad! I wish I could tell you what the difference was between this week and last week, but honestly I have no freakn’ clue. One week we are hopping and the next week we are dropping.

I don’t promote the Ebay store at all so we might start running promotions on this blog.

We are going to start paying ourselves now that our Ebay profits are getting chunky! We will take half of the profit and roll the other half. So this week we got ourselves $37 bucks! Whoo hooo!!!! Yeah!

“Well how many of yall earned $37 bucks this week at home, on line?” Honestly. We don’t bull shizt on this site, so we aren’t going to say we earned a million when we didn’t. BTW here is a pic of our earning calculations. The names of the products have been chopped off to protect the innocent!!!

Here is our profit break down Chart
Here is the correlation in PayPal


Any Ebay questions, comments or concerns please post in the comment section or email us.

Happy Friday
-the FTB Bloggers

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