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Online Money Diary Day 60! MARCH 20, 2010

(Will Post a picture Tommorow)

We are pumped! We are were starting to learn a thing or two about Traffic Exchanges and how powerful they can be.

First I would say, just be careful about anything that says “Make Money Fast”. That means that they are trying to razzle and dazzle you, get you to join and then the company will disappear.

Now that our FTB blogs have grown in popularity people have been contacting us to join their programs. Nope! That would be like starting a business and then popping
open another business right next to the one I just started. Like having a Subway and then opening up a Quiznos across the street, and trying to run them both with the same people and the same operating capital!

I would be competing with myself.

Tuesday a guy emailed us and said, “I love what you guys are doing and I would love to have you join my downline”. The program was $256!!! So I asked, “Would it be possible that you pay our way in and once we make profit we will give you the $256 back”. I knew he was going to say no, he himself didn’t know if the company would be around long enough……Think about that.

Traffic Wave gives you a 30 day free trial (they know they are going to be around so they are not trying to take your money!!) and TEP Profits is a one time $10 fee. If you have a program that can beat that……we will join, but for now we have opened up our TEP Business and we are working the crap out of it. A Virtual Subway Baby! Pushing these online $5 footlongs!!

I bet that guy has to just land two big fish to break even – in this economy I have to think that $256 is hard to come by!! Another thing I would say is not to join any program without a forced matrix – this way if you have a good sponsor, he will help you fill up your first level – then you will be 100% completely done with out of pocket expenses. My sponser Mike (from Ask Mike the is one of the best. FTB bloggers will provide the same level of support.


If you are using
TEP (Which I highly recommended) or any other traffic Exchange enabled business, you know that those credits are equivalent to money. You can’t spread them around. Your ads have to be shown in front of the right customer at the right time which means the more you run the ad, the better your odds are of being at the right place at the right time.

Oh..the other super sweet thing we learned this week, is that with
Traffic Wave’s Ad Tracker; if you are set up in 10 Traffic Exchanges using the Ad Tracker web address Tracking URL, you can just update the 1 base url in Traffic Wave and it will change the page in all 10 Traffic Exchanges. How Sweet is that!!!

The goal with
TEP and Traffic Wave is to get 1 sign up every 30 days. That’s it, and this week we got two people who at least requested information. It took us 3 weeks to get 1 person before, so we are improving.

OK so here’s what we are going to do now – as you see we get more and more into this every week. We are going to calculate how many page views we get total and how many signups that translates into on a weekly basis. This way I can tell my visitors,

“Hey I know surfing sucks, but if you surf 10000 credits per day then you will
get “X” many sign-ups.”

Once people sign up I send them a quick personal email. Every sign up is a big deal, and a chance to meet someone who is of the same mindset that you are in. He or she might know a thing or two and we can help each other out. That’s why I like facebook! The guy I signed up under…we were talking about hooking up when I go to Florida and having a few beers, next it will be Vegas and then Europe! Ok sorry I got a little carried away, but you really stay in the game by contacts and talking to people through email and making connections.

Well we are on our away….more to come about Ebay ($67.65 this week) – changes that are coming and how our blogs are skyrocketing in popularity. We must be doing something right!!


If you want to join our downline and be part of the fun we have added buttons to our blogs!

-The FTB Bloggers
There's Money to be Made!

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