Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Our team has just become obsessed with blog traffic. We have lived, slept and ate traffic! We went driving during rush hour just so we can sit in traffic! During our obsession we stopped all ebay work, and affiliate marketing because we felt if we increased traffic our sucess with MLM (Traffic Wave and TEProfits) will also increase.

After reading through posts and posts on John Chow.com, TechCrunch.com, Mashable.com and of course Problogger.com we found a bunch of things that begin to work for us.
As a result, we have been able to successfully increase our traffic 4 fold in a month and the month ain't over! Look at May vs April Stats!

Here's exactly what we did, step by step.....Transparency is the key to this blog so we will share. These tactics might appear sleazy, and we are not saying we will continue this practice but here is what we've done. I would suggest cherry picking these activities to taylor what works best for you.  Each of these things were done by all three of us so multiply everything by 3!

We looked at Perez Hiltons blog and others like it who mention famous people, that are relevant in the news today and integrated these same names in a post writen about a super popular Tiger Woods story. See post here. We also mention other popular webpages in our posts, sort of.....like this one. In the beginning of the post we mention four huge blog
 sites and also reference Perez Hilton (twice now).

Then we go on blog catalog and hit the discussion boards with daily witty commentary. We have been extremely active on our facebook page as well as Blog Catalog and Bloggers.com posting questions and shootin' the shzit about any topic that fit our blogs.  Readers of those topics would be interested in our blogs. 

For three hours a day we search really good, well structured blogs that get a lot of comments and added our comments and our Urls. Sort of like dropping calling cards for visitors. The key here is relevant sites and well written real commentary. If we read a post and had nothing to add, then we added nothing, but if we could add info, be creative and funny then we left a comment.  These comments are searchable and readable so if you are acting like a jackass then no one is going to visit your blog; but if you commentary is complimentary and insightful, people will want to see what you ahve to say.
After that, more comments. We went on the top 25 blogs and commented on those as well.



We are also now ranked #1 on Link Referral for one of our sites and top 20 on the other two.

Link referral has been good to us over the years.  The site is pretty nice and it's a good way to get feedback on your blogs, not to mention a couple of hundred unique visitors per month, if you are ranked high enough. 
Now we can't say which method is most effective, becasue we did all these things at once, but what we can say is that our ad clickthru rate sucks big hairy gorilla booty!! We got 8000 hits and 5 people clicked on ads.  So either the ads are in the wrong place, or the topics aren't that appealing to my audience. 

We hope now we have found the secret sauce, if we improve click thrru, we can make some real money and be stomping with the big dogs. Frequent, authentic clever posts should keep the crowds coming back for more.
We are closer then ever! AAhhhhhh....I can smell the money!

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  1. Wow gentlemen, great work! How many weeks did it take you to start seeing some results?