Monday, April 19, 2010

Ebay Purple Star Baby!!!

Well, we finally received our Purple Star in Ebay last week. We are getting a lot better with our selection of items and we are definitely glad that we decided to stick to our strategy of selling overseas. The key is small, easy to wrap items already in boxes. That makes the work you have to do as easy as it gets. We have also been very successful with purchasing only a few items and then as they sell, get more. It sounds basic, but trust me; you get so caught up in all of the other aspects of running an Ebay store that you completely forget all of the basics.

A few facts: We are noticing that we get about a 33% feedbacks. We have just hit over 500 and we’ve sold over 1500 items. We also have a 7 day 100% gurantee return policy. Yes, this has bitten us in the ass before but we keep money on the side just in case. Here is what our entire Month of March looked like in terms of money coming in, and profit. Not too bad, but we want to get better.

The key to this site is transparency and we want to be completely open and hones with our posts.

WEEK 1 = $16.03
WEEK2= $75.37
WEEK3= $67.65
WEEK4= $74.25
Recently I had to go away on business which is always nerve racking because you don’t want to shut down your Ebay store, and we have a 24 hour shipout promise. The key here, is to advertise that you are shipping “Parcel Post”. This way you can make up a day or two by shipping priority. It’s funny it’s always the people who buy the $10 items who make the most noise. During the 3 days I was gone, I sold a digital camera, 2 blood pressure monitors, some wireless headphones, and not one of those customers made a peep. The guy who brought an ankle brace for $9.99 was all over me about shipping.

4 guys spending and average of $70 bucks a pop and not a whisper, the ankle brace guy, “Hey when is my package shipping”. Typically they are from a big city so that explains the aggression.

Now, as soon as they purchase the item, if I can’t ship it the next day, I will send them an email with their expected package arrival date. That satisifieds the need to feel they are being serviced. Then when you get back you can ship the item priority, which is 2-3 business days and you will probably still be better then the date that you provided. Of course if the package is big then kill them with kindess and ship that bad boy parcel Post!!!

Till next time…..there’s money to be made!!!
-FTB Bloggers.
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