Tuesday, April 13, 2010


So as you can see we pulled a reformat. Why, because we are working with a perfectionist a$$hole that’s why.
We got one negative, or “not so positive” comment on LinkReferral and one of us, known as, the Poor Millionaire (From his blog), made us completely revamp the site. So here it is in all of its splendor, but I must say….WE LOVE IT!!!

Now here was the review we received: “Nice blog but you still need to do some work to it to make it really shine through.”

And here is the site that gave us the review: Ten Dollar Clicks

Granted we just gave this guy a ton of traffic, but the nerve of some reviewers. But then again, we thank him for helping us Step UP our Game.

Ok, now the bad news! We have been running an experiment to see how many pages you will have to surf on a Traffic Exchange to get just 1 subscription. We have been getting like 4 or 5 every other day until we decide to run this experiment and get zero! Zilch! Nada!!! How the f#$k are we going to make a million dollars if we can’t even build up our downlines – not to mention; we are using one of, if not the best programs in the business.

So after reading through all of the great information in our programs via email etc. we decided that we are not using our Traffic Exchanges enough. We have unique Splash Pages which should get the attention we need. We will now double our searching efforts and hope that pays off.

You know, it’s annoying to see other bloggers and on line money people getting paid. There’s a couple of images of these guys holding up huge checks.
Some notables are Plenty of Fish Founder Marcus, Schoemaker and Joel. It makes it look like these guys just fell into it, but they worked hard and we are working hard to, so our time will come.

We also started posting our Free Report ads on job boards so hopefully that will spark some clicks. We are using an Ad Tracker (That’s free with Traffic Wave) and it tells you how many clicks your ad gets, the average views per day, and average cost if it’s a paid ad. You can’t beat that. We will use this Ad Tracker information to provide our data for the subscribers.

That’s how we Roll!
-The FTB Bloggers

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