Wednesday, May 12, 2010

MLM & Traffic Exchanges - The Numbers Are In!!

So here are some rough conversion stats. We have been running now only one ad on the traffic exchanges and we have gotten 2 conversions in 7 days averaging roughly 500 page views per day. The pictures below are from the Traffic Wave Ad Tracker. (A Powerful Tool).
As you can see from the chart below we got one on May 5th and one on May 10th.

So it is safe to say that for 3500 views (7days times X 500 pages per day) we have 2 conversions. So for 1750 page views we get 1 subscriber. That’s are current conversion rate. Of course there are a lot of factors to consider:
1. What Traffic Exchanges are we using
2. What ad are you running;
3. How many other people are running similar ads on those exchanges (this might help you or hurt you, we don’t know that yet)

We currently use TrafficHoopla but we also use 5 other traffic exchanges that are outside of Traffic Hoopla to add some diversity to the line-up. We only upgrade under certain criteria which I will be releasing in my own form of Traffic Hoopla.

Looking at those numbers you can see why it does not pay to try and advertise multiple programs and multiple sites. If you were running two different ads then you would have gotten 2 people in 14 days, if you were running 4 different ads then you can only expect to get 2 people every 30 days. This is the number one reason people quit MLM. With Traffic Wave you can generate a 5 figure profit by getting only one person signed up per month, which means you need to get 10 people interested for 1 to sign up.

In short if you were running 4 different program pages and wanted to get one sign up it would take you 5 months at the pace of 500 views per day.
So pick your program wisely, stay with it, and surf! If your ad is running out of steam, switch it up. You should be working on new ads or what ever program you are working on should have new ads frequently.

The other good thing about knowing the number is, you now KNOW the numbers! if I wanted to get 4 people per week I just need to surf enough credits for 1000 page views per day. OH Man it’s so simple.

If you have an integrated program it like TEProfits you should be able to advertise only that program and everything else should fall into place. TEProfits uses Traffic Hoopla and Traffic Wave so I only need to promote TEProfits, and money is generated from all three programs not to mention surf credits.

With 33 people in my downline I only have to surf 1 hr per day to average 500 page views per day. Can you see how powerful this program is?

Traffic Wave: $99.80
Traffic Exchanges: $72.60
OBA Sales: :$15.00
TOTAL: $187.40

Not too bad!!

-FTB bloggers

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