Thursday, May 20, 2010

New Blog site highs & Ebay Lows!

Ok, so the past week we have been concentrating our efforts on launching our newest blog:
It’s innovative because it allows the public to create their own blog posts and encourages commenting. We use a form that can only be created with that allows the reader to fill out and submit their own post. It took a little work to set up but it will be worth it…just imagine a blog that virtually runs itself. The post that receives the most comments wins a monthly prize. The theory is, If I post something I’m going to get my friends to read it and comment so I can win the prize, therefore generating more traffic for the site. It’s genius in theory – the execution will be the key.

The TV theme is great because it allows a casual internet surfer to stumble on to the blog and then see banners for earning money online. We could be their first exposure to On-line money! This is something that the John Chow’s and Shoemoney’s don’t really have. Wait, I take that back. They have it because they are the top spots in Google, but they don’t have a way to get to that person that’s not even looking or doesn’t even know about earning money on line….yet. We are casting a wide net.

Now we are just promoting, promoting and promoting. We have created a check list with 9 promotional activities and will do all 9 for each blog in our network over, and over until our visitor numbers are at a acceptable rate. Not to mention continuing to keep the informative, funny, inquisitive posts coming. Once we have dialed in our blog traffic increasing check list, we will offer a link for downloading. Right now it’s a little rough!!

Ebay has been quite a disappointment this week and last week to say the least. We were closing in on the $100 per week mark and then we took a break to foucs on the blog set up. When we started the store back up, we saw our sales fall off a cliff. We only made $17.00 profit last week, and we are only up to about half that ($8 stinkin’ dollars) this week. We posted some pretty hot stuff Sunday night so we started off the week very optimistic; and will get some more stuff posted on Saturday. One of my rules is to NEVER lower prices to generate sales but I am getting anxious and want to jump strat things.

There is something about ebay- the more you use it, posting stuff, answering questions, selling, sending shipment confirmation, etc. the more you sell. I’m not sure if you can increase your visibility with activity but there is some correlation. Before we start lowering any prices we are going to get all of our inventory posted, and change a bunch of posts to generate some activity in the store and see if it has any effect.
As usual we will keep you posted.

Other totals
PPC ads through Adsense and Bidvertiser still blows! Just $.01 so if that's your only source of revenue, good luck!

Here’s how it shakes out in the last 10 days:
Affiliate Marketing:
Traffic Wave (37 member downline) = $27.95
Traffic Exchanges (over 60 people) = $18.95
Blogging Efforts (Over 4 blogs) = $.01

Ebay = $17 + $8 = $25.00

Added to Previous total of: $1273.63
GRAND TOTAL = $1345.54


  1. I really appreciate the honesty of your blog!

  2. NTW thanks! I think we are all trying to achieve the same goals and the more honest that we can be here the better. We were thinking about good ways to separate us from the rest and believe it or not, being honest was all it took! Thanks for the comment!!