Saturday, June 12, 2010


This is why people quit this on line marketing stuff. We can't get anymore affiliates - we are helping other people, but for some reason our personal progress has slowed.

This just sucks! ....and no, we won't go ask our friends. We are not trying to make our friends business partners, we are trying to make new friends of like minds. My friends are good for drinking, clubbing, and going to the game, but they are not cut out for this online stuff. I could just hear them now, "I logged in, how come there is no money in my Paypal account". You don't think so? I know so, I tried it twice and both times it failed. They were laid off and I was just starting so I figured it would be a good idea to pull them into this online money thing I was investigating, but they just sat back and waited for me to do everything. They didn't want to help themselves. Then when I found a legit program, no scam with free 30 days and told them that if they got moving they could get 3 referrals and never have to pay. They sat on their asses for 30 days, I had 3 referrals in 3 weeks. But if they weren’t helping themselves I wasn’t going to do everything for them. I have paid people’s way into this system and had them up and running so they never had to spend a dime, but those are people who want it.

I figure if you stumble onto this site, it's because you have the right mindset of someone who takes action. That puts you ahead of 90% of everyone else. That mindset is typically on Traffic Exchanges and reading my blogs, that mindset I love and need to be around!

The problem at hand is that our advice is working for everyone else but not us. We have 72 people in our down line for crying out loud. Don't believe me, here take a peek:
We talk on facebook and email and exchange tips. If you are in my downline we bounce ideas off one another and all that good stuff, and people tell me all the time, "Wow that was a great idea". When they are successful of course I earn more. No doubt about it, but I am more successful if I can get new people and help them be successful as well.

For one I think our ad has run it’s course. We can’t use our faces because if my day job Knew that I was making this money they would certainly find a problem with it. We are branding our FTB bloggers logo which is not as effective as a face – like on a Realtors card, but it seems to work.....READ MORE

Now it’s time to get creative – hell we only need one direct member per month. That’s all!

Here’s the game plan:

FIRST: Let’s go surfing on the Traffic Exchanges and find out what attracts us. What catches my eye, and why. What are they saying that we are not saying. Let me remind you, I have yet found a system better then the one we are using. I sign up get the information and see how other systems work but nothing has convinced me that it’s better then TEP profits. Not to mention most of the information I receive if from a Traffic Wave autoresponder at that!!

SECOND: Read every forum and blog for tips I can get my hands on: John Chow, Shoemoney, Blogengage, BlogCatalog, TrafficWave

THIRD: Change all the banners on my site to reflect Traffic Wave, and Affiliate programs. Amazon has not netted me any money so why take up space with their ads for mow. Maybe when I get more traffic, my Amazon banners will be more effective

FOURTH: Still keep up with the Traffic Exchanges and building credits for my site. I am making Traffic Exchange commission’s as well so I don’t want to jeopardize that money.

Do these things now. Don’t let the fire burn out. Be aware of “The Law of Diminishing Intent”. Stay hungry and get it done now, because just one new member is enough to feed us for 30 days – not to mention we like to work with our new members so getting 20 member at once would not allow us enough time to bring each one up to speed…..but there are three of us; so we welcome the challenge.

I will post what I find, if it works and how well. That’s what this site is all about, learning and sharing – I know that sounds sappy but it’s true! Enough of the sappy crappy, time to get off my ass – There’s money to be made!!

If you have any comments and suggestions you know where we are! Hit us up why don't ya!

-The FTB Bloggers
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  1. It's nice to see that you haven't given up. I went 3 months without getting one sign up, I actually stoped for 3 weeks and started over and once I got my first one I was hooked. I agree, nothing good can come from recruiting family and friends.

  2. Getting affiliates is hard work, but you can see how lucrative finding the right campaign could be for your downline. You guys have the right attitude, explore the net, be creative and persistent and it will pay off.