Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ordinary People - That's how we all Start Off

Ok, so we have taken a week or two to do some exploring and I have to say that I am really starting to hate Shoemoney, John Chow, and all the others. Not because they do anything wrong, but because it just seems like everything they do is right! I think what they don’t realize is that once you have millions and millions of readers or even a thousand or so followers, you can fart silently and someone would be willing to sign up under an affiliate link for it. You can wipe your butt and someone would buy that as an e-book. There is a point where it just becomes too hard to fail. I watched Bill Cosby on George Lopez last week. If any other comedian would have told the jokes that he told, they would have been yanked off stage, but the enigma that is Bill Cosby is so large that it worked. I even found myself laughing – as I do when downloading a John Chow E-book. Because of his greatness…the audience was more patient. Some of us small time bloggers get frustrated because we are better writers, and promoters then those guys but their audience gives them more patience and tolerance. They now have the luxury of doing less and it going 10 times further then any effort you put forward. You see the weak-ass posts that get 114 comments. I bet Shoemoney can type “Ahem” and get 60 comments….my hat goes off to him because he has done the work to deserve that respect, and I actually think he appreciates it and realizes just how valuable it is.

When you have time and money you can hire techies to design your sites, debug your Wordpress blogs etc. Us regular people are in chat rooms, asking questions in forums and trying to write E-zine articles to promote our blogs. It’s a sad existence, but it’s one that must be had in order to make money on line. To be honest, I’m actually starting to enjoy it. I’m to the point where a dream vacation would be me, my laptop in a hotel with room service for a week. I think if I had a week of playtime, I could double my earnings. I’d like to think that John Chow, Shoemoney, Joel C and company were really once like us. They were on the front lines exploring and trying this.....READ MORE

....and that, with a lot less information. If they can do it, so can we. Just don’t get conned into thinking that you are going to be them in 30 days. Instead find blogs that are down to earth, written by real people with real stats. Blogs that you can actually track the progress, and see the start of new ideas. I have been doing a lot of that this past week and really came up with some solid findings. During my ventures I learned of two new programs: Yottacash and CPAlead. Just like everything, the more traffic you have the more you can earn but it’s OK to tell people to do stuff with these programs C.P.A. stands for Click Per Action. If people fill out surveys they unlock content that they are interested in. You can actually tell them to fill out the suvey! The other site that I found extremely useful that I have only read about until yesterday is fiverr.com. You can get people to do anything for $5.00. I ended up spending $25 getting people to do stuff for site promotion. I had someone tweet my url to 54,000 twitter followers for $5.00. Now that’s money well spent.

I also found two notable blogs. These are the inbetweeners. Inbetweeners aren’t mega millionaires but they are also not like me making $20 per day (on a good day). They are full time on-line money makers.

If you have time I encourage you to check them out:
At first blush the site looks ordinary, created with a generic template, but it’s got so much information, and all fact, reality based. This dude is the truth. You can follow his progress from $0.00 all the way till now. No nonsense, just reality. If you dig around enough on his site you can find a lot of his other sites, and the more you learn the more you begin to respect his genius.

The other blog that’s nice, well not the blog itself but the man behind the blog is James Colin. He wrote this article: http://blog-money-wiki.com/blog/2010/04/serious-tips-to-earn-fast-with-adsense-for-beginners-intermediates.php and from there I went searching out everything he’s involved in and he’s doing good work.
This is not your run of the mill adsense ad placement tips, but some down and dirty, real money making stuff. That’s the kind of information we live and die for!!!

Hopefully I was able to spread a little love and knowledge. I will expand what I’m doing with all the programs and how much money we are making in a few weeks. Let me know what you think about the blogs and the new programs I posted. Good Luck

Remember, There’s Money to be Made!
-The FTB Bloggers
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  1. I have heard a lot about CPA, I'm glad that you found it. It will be interesting to see how you guys manage to tack the challenge of CPA's. I will be reading.

  2. I noticed that your blogs are all listed high in Linkreferral - are you getting a lot of traffic from them? Your posts are very informative, it's obivous that you do not copy and paste content, I will remain a reader until I see the copy and paste pattern.

  3. Hey Waldo, so far CPA has been really good, to mention I have signed up to affiliates from this post! Let me quanitify really good, about $10 bucks which takes me about 2 months to accomplish with Google adsense.

    EJ, we always have create fresh content, we are in love with our readers and we like it when we see it, so that's what we strive to provide. Thanks both of you for your comments!

  4. Great Read, will continue to visit this site. No promotion here just appreciation for honesty and commitment.